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Mario Christiani – (CEO/Owner of Music2Deal) Interviewed by Richard Rogers – (Managing Director Music2Deal UK & Ireland) about the new Music2Deal Update starting on October 3rd

RR: Hi, Mario. A new Music2Deal update is happening next week. What is new?

MC: There are many exciting new things coming. One main topic is that in former times we tended to minimalise the information to get a better overview from a business perspective. Times are changing and nowadays pictures and media are more relevant and people are acceptable to it. Due to this, all music offers and wants will be shown in the pinboard in a new way. To be honest, this is something we forgot about it in the last years, as music offers and wants are the most relevant factor on Music2Deal rather than if some of my friends likes something or has a new connection. I want to know if someone of my business friends has a new offer or want as this gives me a possible opportunity to make business. Therefore we improve the visibility of those items.

RR: I saw that there are also some further activities which can be posted.

MC: Yes, you are right. Besides posting music offers and wants as the key part of Music2Deal, our members can now inform their network about updates via comments to their existing music offers & wants. Moreover, our members can now also post pictures and videos with just a comment.

RR: Will this change the way how members post?

MC: Members can post their music offers and their wants in the same way they have done in the past. But due to those new items we give our members the same look and feel they are used to on all other social media like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. So you just need to click on the start post button on top of the pinboard and a pop-up will come up. Here you can decide if you would like to post a music offer or a want, which brings you to the corresponding page where you can do this. However, on the pop-up itself you can post a comment on an existing music offer or want or just post a text with an image or a video as you are aware on other social media.

RR: It´s not only those pinboard changes including the design which makes me excited about the new update. I see there are also more design changes.

MC: Correct. Corresponding to the new pinboard and the mentioned changes in behaviours of pictures and media we have also adapted this to other parts of Music2Deal. This way the pictures looks bigger and the design fresher.

RR: Yes, I like the improvements greatly and I am sure that our members will like them too. I am also thinking  that with this update our members will also explore a lot of our hidden professional tools. As an example, the Contact-Settings, where they can select which members can send messages and connection requests to you, depending on their type of business or the Visible Status, with the ability to show your music and wants only to your business friends.

MC: Yes, this will be happen when our members explore the new update. By the way we will have even more international verified contacts as we will announce new representatives in Italy, Spain and Africa.

RR: Wow, great news. I am looking forward to the new update and thank you for the talk Mario.

MC: Always great talking to you Richard.

Richard Rogers
Mario Christiani

music business · Music Business Event · music industry

News by Music2Deal Africa presentative Diana Hopeson



On Wednesday 1st June 2020, The Leonora Ewurasi Glover Symposium on Theology & Arts was organized at the Akrofi-Christaller Institute in Akropong and on Thursday 2nd June 2020 at the African Studies Department of the university of Ghana Legon in Accra. The theme “Updating Tradition: African Christian Theology & the Contemporary Arts” was a build on the previous year’s symposium, and the first to be named in honor of the memory of Mrs. Leonora Ewurasi Glover, who was an avid patron of the arts and was much involved in the running of the art gallery at Omanye House at La. The symposium which was both in person and virtual brought together Christian scholars and Arts practitioners to provide a unique forum in which to discuss the relationship between the Arts and Christian Faith, and how to bridge the apparent gap in ways that will bring all of culture under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


On Thursday June 16th, 2022, at the Onomo Hotel in Lome Cultural industry stakeholders of all the domains under culture gathered. An initiative by the European Union (EU) in Togo, Ghana and Benin, supported and coordinated by the Cultural Relations Platform (CRP) and financed by the EU. The EU Delegations (EUD) in Togo, Ghana and Benin have with support and coordination from the Cultural Relations Platform in Brussels, launched a study aiming to identify common local cultural practice in the coastal regions of Benin, Ghana and Togo.

The objective is to promote and to boost regional culture cooperation, as well as to reinforce partnerships, cooperation, and cultural relations between the three countries and the EU. At the meeting, the researchers communicated results, conclusions, and recommendations from the first part of the study. Participants verified the data collected during the field work in the three countries and made complementary contributions. EU Delegation to Togo, Hugo Van Tilborg, Head of Cooperation, addressed and welcomed participants for the conference. William Codjo (Benin), Nicolas-Etienne Sohou N’Gani (Togo) Christian Cedric Elongué (Ghana) presented the research results.

The Ghana Delegation


Tuesday June 7th, Wednesday June 8th and Friday June 17th 2022 at the Department of Music at the University of Ghana, Accra, Dr. Raymond Wise leads a discussion on the history and meaning of African American Spirituals and gospel music. He shared on how he managed to make African American Gospel Music a teachable subject in the University. He also touched on vocal and stylistic performance techniques. A selected repertoire was performed by participants. Music professors and tutors, musicians, singers and conductors of all levels in Ghana participated in the workshop.

Dr. Amakye, University of Ghana, Dr. Raymond Wise, Mrs. Diana Hopeson, and Rev. Dr. Newlove Annan posed for a photo after the event


On June 19 every year, Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to acknowledge the contributions of fathers and fatherly figures in our communities. In Ghana, Star FM’s Gospel Avenue program host Louis Nana Asiedu, had a hearty chat with Justice William Atugubah, Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Kojo Hopeson and Rev. Mrs. Agnes Mensah-Bonsu in a Father’s Day edition. His opening comment was taken from a book authored by Rev Dr. John B. Ghartey who quoted a statement by Pope John XXIII “It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.’

All three panelist supported the Pope’s statement above with their rich experiences. In defining who a real father is, Dr. Emmanuel Kojo Hopeson used the acronym of FATHER, The F is Faith in God, A, Availability, T, Teacher, H, Healer, E, Empoweree and the R as Reliable. A real father has faith in God and is available to his children, teaching, healing and empowering them to be reliable citizens. Happy belated Father’s Day to all men reading this article now!


June 21st 2022, at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Charterhouse, Organizers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards under the Awards scheme organized a summit to commemorate the World Music Day in Accra. The music business landscape is fast changing and so must the industry, if it is to succeed. What is success? What route(s) lead to it? How do you make meaning of your Music career in Ghana and beyond? What odds must you go against and what hurdles must you jump? Industry stalwarts, CEO Highly Spiritual Music, Kaywa, Record producer and creative entrepreneur, Kofi Beatmenace, GM 3 Group and Media General Group, Francis Doku and CEO GB Records, George Britton was hosted by Andy Dosty as they shared their experience, truths, facts and insights on the theme “Route to Success in GH Music”

Mr. Rex Omar, Chairman of the Ghana Music Right owners Organization Board presented an update on ‘Update and the way forward for Ghamro.’ Bernard Sokpe, senior partner manager of Twitter did a presentation on ‘how musicians can partner with Twitter to amplify their craft’. The Deputy Minister for Culture and Creative Arts presented a speech on governments inputs in the industry. The VGMA National Music Summit was powered by Charterhouse, and sponsored by Vodafone, further together.



On April 14th 2022 at the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, the first quarter Arts Gathering was organized by the GHMusic Publishing and Management who presents Music2Deal in Africa. The target audience was the members of the Christian Music Association of Ghana (CMAG) and other music industry players. There were two main industry presentations and time in fellowship. The first one was on the services of GHMusic Publishing and Management, an enterprise founded and managed by Mrs. Diana Hopeson to serve the publishing needs of musicians amongst others. Naa Lamle, Oliver Seyram Aziavi and Edwin Nyavor who were Staff of GHMusic Publishing also did Powerpoint presentations on Digital distribution, metadata and general music administration issues.

The second presentation was by Mr. Obed O. Otoo, the Country Manager of Ziiki Media who addressed the artists on how to present themselves to the world through their creativity. The final segment started with praise and worship after which Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Hopeson took over and shared on “My Name” His text was from Romans 8:39-49. He talked about Name, fame and Prestige and reminded participants that we have been known, pre-destined, called and glorified by the Lord. Participants attested that the word was timely. Participants included Coach Freeman, Calvis Hammond, Dede Zutah, and Sika Coleman.

Vodafone Ghana Music Award (VGMA)

This year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Award was the 23rd Edition since its inception.  The event took place on Friday 6st and Saturday 7th of May 2022 at the Grand Arena, Accra International conference Centre. The Artiste of the Year went to Kidi. Diana Hamilton, a Gospel Artiste won it the precious year. The best highlife song went to Kofi Kinaata with ‘Thy Grace” Best Gospel Artiste went to Joe Mettle and the Best Gospel Song went to Ohemaa Mercy ft MOG Music with song titled “Ote Me Mu.” Best New Artiste went to Black Sherif whose song Second Sermon also won the best hiphop song of the year. Celestine Donkoh, Joe Mettle, Niiella and Perez Music were solid gospel ministers who ministered powerfully during the two ceremonies.


On 23rd April 2022, a total of six choirs from different Universities in Ghana convened at the Trinity Baptist church at East Legon for this year’s Boot Camp. The program started with a talk from JLoops on The Singing Voice. The second talk was by Mrs. Diana Hopeson on The Quality of Gospel Music. The choirs were then divided into four groups, to discuss Choir singing, Dynamics, Professional Music and Copyright.